The Mediterranean Colaspidea (Coleoptera Chrysomelidae Eumolpinae)


Mediterranean Colaspidea are reviewed with examination of type material. The following nomenclatural changes are provided: C. nitida Lucas, 1846 bona sp. resurrected from synonymy with C. globosa (Küster, 1848), Colaspidea proxima (Fairmaire, 1862) bona sp. resurrected from synonymy with C. oblonga (Fairmaire, 1862), C. juengeri Doguet, 1988 is raised to species, from subsp. of C. metallica (Rossi, 1790). The following synonymies are provided: C. oblonga (Fairmaire, 1862) n. syn. of C. nitida Lucas, 1846, C. oblonga albanica Schatzmayr, 1923 n. syn. of C. nitida Lucas, 1846. A Lectotype is designed for C. nitida Lucas, 1846, a Neotype is designed for Dia oblonga Fairmarie, 1862. The following new taxa are described: C. algarvensis n. sp. (Portugal: Algarve), C. incerta n. sp. (Algeria: Yakouren), C. dogueti n. sp. (Algeria: Massif du Djurdjura), C. pallidipes n. sp. (Morocco), C. confinis n. sp. (Algeria), C. maura n. sp. (Morocco, Algeria), C. maghrebina n. sp. (Algeria: Constantine). Morphological aspects are discussed, pointing out range of variability of aedeagic characters, here used in the discrimation of species. Distribution of each taxon is verified on the base of examined material and displayed on maps. A catalogue is provided.



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Systematics and phylogeny
Colaspidea, revision, Mediterranean region, new species and synonyms, lectotype designation, neotype designation, distribution
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