The Crambinae from Ethiopia and Mozambique collected by the University of Molise expeditions in 2008 and 2009 (Lepidoptera: Pyraloidea: Crambidae, Crambinae)

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G. Bassi *
P. Trematerra
(*) Corresponding Author:
G. Bassi |


This study stems from samples of Crambinae specimens collected in Ethiopia and Mozambique by the University of Molise, Italy. A list species with their known distribution is given; Ancylolomia parentii Bassi, sp. n., Angustalius casandra Bassi, sp. n., Calamotropha dagamae Bassi, sp. n., Calamotropha virginiae Bassi, sp. n., and Crambus bellinii Bassi, sp. n. are described. The new synonymy Chrysocatharylla agraphellus (Hampson, 1919)=Chrysocatharylla fusca Bassi, 1999, syn. n. and Angustalius malacellus (Duponchel, 1936)=Crambus hapaliscus Zeller, 1852, syn. rev. are established. A lectotype for Crambus hapaliscus Zeller, 1852 is designated and the female genitalia of Ancylolomia melanothoracia Hampson, 1919 and Ancylolomia obscurella de Joannis, 1927 are illustrated for the first time.

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G. Bassi, Amateur Entomologist

Taxonomy: Pyraloidea, Crambidae, African and Palearctic Crambinae