First data on the reproduction of the Vagrant Emperor Anax ephippiger in North-Eastern Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region (Odonata aeshnidae)

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Costanza Uboni *
Pierpaolo Merluzzi
Livio Poldini
Elisa Riservato
Elisabetta Pizzul
(*) Autore principale:
Costanza Uboni |


The Vagrant Emperor, Anax ephippiger (burmeister, 1839), is a migrant dragonfly species from africa and Middle East; in Europe only summer generation are known, without evidence of overwintering larvae. In august 2010 a reproductive breeding site for this species was found in the in Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region (north-eastern Italy). This discovery represents the first proof of reproduction for the species in north-eastern Italy. With the aim of increasing the knowledge on the species requirements, a study to delineate the emerging habitat was conducted: dragonfly community (adult and exuviae), vegetation, chemical and physical water parameters were sampled. This yielded data about larval tolerance toward salinity. This new data proves a northward move for the species, which may also have been facilitated by global warming.

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