On some interesting African katydids (Orthoptera Tettigoniidae)

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B. Massa *
(*) Corresponding Author:
B. Massa | bruno.massa@unipa.it


Results of the study of specimens collected in Africa and preserved in different European collections and museums are reported and extensively illustrated. The tribe Preussiini Karsch, 1890 is resurrected for the genera Preussia Karsch, 1890, Enochletica Karsch, 1896 and Weissenbornia Karsch, 1888. The following three new species are described: Eurycorypha ndokiensis n. sp., Eurycorypha feai n. sp. and Eurycorypha kenyensis n. sp. Rhacocleis dernensis Salfi, 1926 is confirmed in its original genus, Conocephalus algerinorum Massa, 1999 is moved into the subgenus Anisoptera. In addition, new diagnostic characters or distributional data for Horatosphaga crosskeyi Ragge, 1960, Horatosphaga somali (Schulthess-Schindler, 1898), Ducetia crosskeyi Ragge, 1961, Ducetia fuscopunctata Chopard, 1954, Tropidonotacris amabilis Ragge, 1957, Tropidonotacris carinata Chopard, 1954, Pardalota asymmetrica Karsch, 1896, Eurycorypha stylata Stål, 1873, Eurycorypha velicauda Karsch, 1893, Eurycorypha kevani Chopard, 1954 and Oxygonatium huxleyi Ragge, 1980 are reported.

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