The Orthoptera fauna of the Stelvio National Park, Italy

  • Daniele Baroni | Genova, Italia.
  • Marco Bonifacino Vado Ligure (SV), Italia.
  • Luca Cristiano Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Carmagnola (TO), Italia.
  • Roberta Rossi Torino, Italia.
  • Luca Pedrotti Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, Ersaf Lombardia, Bormio (SO), Italia.
  • Roberto Sindaco Museo Civico di Storia Naturale, Carmagnola (TO), Italia.


Within the Project “Animal Biodiversity Monitoring in the Alpine Environment” the Orthoptera fauna has been studied in a threeyear period (2013-2015). The first check-list of the protected area, with ecological and biogeographical notes, is presented. We found 40 species (16 Ensifera, 24 Caelifera), corresponding to 11% of the Italian Orthoptera fauna. a geographic differentiation in species distribution among the three areas (alto adige - BZ, Trentino - TN and Lombardy - BS and SO) has been detected. The genus Barbitistes is represented by B. serricauda in alto adige and B. alpinus in Trentino and Lombardy. Kisella irena is restricted to Peio and Rabbi Valleys only, in connection with this species distribution in Trentino. Within the Park, Euthystira brachyptera is distributed only in Lombardy, despite its habitat is apparently extensively available also in Trentino and alto adige. We found Omocestus haemorrhoidalis and Chorthippus vagans only in Val Venosta (BZ). Only two species, previously reported for the study area, has not been detected during our surveys: Celes variabilis and Ruspolia nitidula. The first site of presence of Tettigonia caudata, rare in Italy, within the Park boundaries has been discovered near Martello (BZ). Two endangered taxa of high conservation value, Epacromius tergestinus ponticus and Crysochraon dispar, reported in the last Century just outside the Park boundaries, are probably extinct today due to habitat loss.



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Orthoptera, Italy, Stelvio National Park, alps, biodiversity, checklist, conservation
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Baroni, D., Bonifacino, M., Cristiano, L., Rossi, R., Pedrotti, L., & Sindaco, R. (2018). The Orthoptera fauna of the Stelvio National Park, Italy. Bollettino Della Società Entomologica Italiana, 150(1), 3-20.

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