The genus Duvalius in Mount Pílio (Thessalia, Greece) with descriptions of two new species (Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae)

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Achille Casale *
Pier Mauro Giachino
Dante Vailati
Ron Felix
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Achille Casale |


The authors present a contribution to the knowledge of three Duvalius species known from forests and caves in Mount Pílio (Thessalia, Greece). Duvalius (Duvalius) moczarskii (G. Müller, 1917) is redescribed from the type material and further specimens sampled in recent years. Furthermore, the authors describe two sympatric species living in the same massif: D. (D.) marijkeae sp. n., sampled both in a cave and in Superficial Subterranean Habitat (M.S.S.), and D. (D.) chironis sp. n., only sampled by traps in M.S.S. (two individuals in two different years). Notes about relationships and distribution of these and other Duvalius species from Greece are also added.

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