A revision of the genus Atomopria Kieffer, 1910 (Hymenoptera Diaprioidea Diapriidae)

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Achille Casale *
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Achille Casale | a_casale@libero.it


The genus Atomopria Kieffer, 1911 currently includes two only described species: A. fulvicornis Kieffer, 1911, from north-western Italy (Liguria) and A. rufithorax Kieffer, 1911, from Tunisia (Tunis). The following ten new species are described from North Africa and Canary Islands: A. helenae n. sp. (Algeria, Kabylia), A. giachinoi n. sp. (Algeria, Kabylia), A. lisae n. sp. (Algeria, Kabylia), A. olmii n. sp. (Canary Islands, Gran Canaria), A. ortegae n. sp. (Canary Islands, Tenerife), A. boffai n. sp. (Canary Islands, Tenerife), A. cavazzutii n. sp. (Canary Islands, Tenerife), A. longicornis n. sp. (Canary Islands, Tenerife), A. paglianoi n. sp. (Canary Islands, Tenerife), A. scaramozzinoi n. sp. (Canary Islands, Tenerife). Diagnostic morphological features of representatives of this genus are described; male genitalia of some species are illustrated for the first time. The synonymy of the genus Atomopria with Basalys Westwood, 1832 is also hypothesized, but not proposed in this contribution. A key for identification of all species is provided, both for females and males. Finally, some taxonomic and biogeographic questions are briefly debated.

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