New data on the Oriental Xantholinini 39. New species and new records from the Philippines (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) 267th contribution to the knowledge of the Staphylinidae

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Arnaldo Bordoni *
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Arnaldo Bordoni |


The following species are described for the listed islands of Philippines: Metolinus finettii sp. n. (Palawan), M. cleopatranus sp. n. (Palawan), M. elegans sp. n. (Mindanao), M. insularis sp. n. (Mindanao), Erymus elytratus sp. n. (Mindanao), Xanthophius philippinus sp. n. (Panay), Manilla rufula sp. n. (Mindanao), M. maramag sp. n. (Mindanao). New records are listed. The following species are new records for the listed islands: Ulisseus dispilus (Erichson, 1839) (Panay, Mindanao), Thyreocephalus hongkongensis (Redtenbacher, 1867) (Palawan), Thyreocephalus rufus Cameron, 1941 (Negros); Thyreocephalus omaleus Bordoni, 2002 (Luzon), Thyreocephalus dustucheus Bordoni, 2002 (Mindanao), Metolinus libertatis Bordoni, 2002 (Negros); Phacophallus pallidipennis (Motschulsky, 1858) (Palawan).


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