New data on the Xantholinini from China. 27°. New species and new records in the collection of Tateo Ito, Kyoto (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae) 265° contribution to the knowledge of the Staphylinidae

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Arnaldo Bordoni *
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The following new species are described and illustrated for the listed regions of China: Liotesba dayiensis sp. n. (Sichuan), Megalinus yuntai sp. n. (Guizou), and Atopolinus dayianus sp. n. (Sichuan). The following species are new records for the listed regions: Thyreocephalus hongkongensis (Redtenbacher) and Nudobius mirificus Bordoni (Hubei), Yunnella spinosa Bordoni (Gansu), Megalinus ningxiaensis Bordoni (Zhejiang), and Megalinus hunanensis Bordoni (Shaanxi).


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