New or little known Nomada Scopoli from Italy (Hymenoptera, Apoidea, Apidae)

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Vittorio Nobile *
Giuseppe Fabrizio Turrisi
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Vittorio Nobile |


The authors, after examination of some collections of the genus Nomada scopoli, obtain the following novelties regarding the Italian fauna: N. furvoides is new for Latium, N. emarginata is new for Lombardy and Latium, N. corcyraea is new for Lombardy, Latium and Sardinia, N. bispinosa, N. atroscutellaris and N. pectoralis are new for Latium and Sicily, N. rufipes is new for Latium and Abruzzo, N. symphyti is new for Abruzzo, N. incisa and N. rubiginosa are new for peninsular Italy, N. duplex is confirmed for peninsular Italy and Sicily, N. b. bifasciata is confirmed for Sicily; N. erythrocephala, N. facilis, N. piccioliana and N. stoeckherti are new for Sicily, N. posthuma, N. pleurosticta, N. calimorpha, N. fenestrata, N. noskiewiczi, N. opaca and N. trispinosa are new for Italy.

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