Annotated checklist of Chinese mainland Dasyvalgus, with description of nine new species (Coleoptera Scarabaeidae Cetoniinae)

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Enrico Ricchiardi *
Sha Li
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Enrico Ricchiardi |


The genus Dasyvalgus, is the largest of Valgina and in mainland China was previously represented by five species only. Nine new species (D. becvariensis, D. benesi, D. ligthbrowni, D. minutus, D. motuoensis, D. paratomentatus, D. rufipes, D. tomentatus, D. varius) are here described and illustrated. Including the new species, new synonymies and new records, presented here, the mainland Chinese Dasyvalgus now consists of seventeen species. Moreover, the females of five species are described or illustrated, and a key for the identification of the males is provided. 

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