New or little known Halictidae from Italy (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)

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Vittorio Nobile
Giuseppe Fabrizio Turrisi *
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Giuseppe Fabrizio Turrisi |


The authors, after examination of some collections of Halictidae, obtain the following novelties regarding the Italian fauna: Lasioglossum zonulum Smith is new for Latium and Sardinia, Sphecodes ferruginatus Hagens is new for Molise and Sardinia, Lasioglossum laterale (Brullé) is new for Tuscany and Sicily, L. leucopus (Kirby) and L. prasinum (Smith) are new for Latium and Sicily, Halictus kessleri Bramson, Lasioglossum aeratum (Kirby), L. brevicorne (Schenck), L. breviventre (Schenck) and Sphecodes miniatus Hagens are new for Sicily. Moreover, new data regarding Sphecodes combai Nobile & Turrisi are provided. Finally, they observe that the presence of Halictus balearicus Pérez in Italy needs confirmation.

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