Description of eight new species of Dasyvalgus and notes on other Valgina (Coleoptera Cetoniinae Valgina)

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Enrico Ricchiardi *
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Enrico Ricchiardi |


Before a general revision, the study of the Valgina requires a nomenclatural review, in order to resolve the inconsistencies that have resulted from the accumulation of descriptions of new species during the last century. In this context, those representing the Oriental genus Dasyvalgus Kolbe are particularly problematic due to their low morphological variability and the ongoing discovery of new species (currently 122, - including the eight new here described - and many more to follow). This study aims to clarify the situation with the description of eight new Dasyvalgus species, recognising two new junior synonims, one nomen novum and redefining the distribution of one species.

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Enrico Ricchiardi

Specialista di Trichiinae e Valginae mondiali