New Anillini from South Africa

(Coleoptera Carabidae Trechinae)

Pubblicato: 30 April 2024
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The author describes the following new species: Microdipnus papafrancisci n. sp. from Pirie State Forest (Eastern Cape, RSA), Caeconannus silvanae n. sp. from Garden Route N.P. (Western Cape, RSA), C. confusus n. sp. from Riversonderend Mts., Olifantsbos Forest (Western Cape, RSA), C. giovanniboanoi n. sp. from Langeberge Mts., Garcia N.R. (Western Cape, RSA), C. brunobasoloi n. sp. from Riviersonderend, Oudebos Forest (Western Cape, RSA), C. mariozuninoi n. sp. from Kogelberg NR, Oudebos Forest (Western Cape, RSA), C. montaguensis n. sp. from Montagu pass Forest (Western Cape, RSA) and C. gigas n. sp. from Cata Forest (Eastern Cape, RSA). Additional data on the distribution of already known Caeconannus species are provided. The genus Caeconannus is currently confirmed to be endemic to South Africa.

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